Ledge LED Lightboxes

The Ledge LED lightboxes create from rigid aluminium extrusion, with a channel flush to the edge that takes the silicon beading that is stitched to the fabric graphic panel. The graphic fits taught in the frame, illuminated from behind by the LED’s within the box only 60mm away; the depth of the box. The graphics are easy to manage; store staff can change them easily with simple instructions. We supply all shapes and sizes- it is down to your own imagination.

Ledge LED Lightboxes

The Ledge LED lightboxes utilises the latest edge lit technology. A bespoke, high-quality LED light engine illuminates a dot-matrix patterned light guide plate, produced on our in-house laser-etching machine. Furthermore the pattern, calculated by panel size, creates an even distribution of light across the taut fabric, which fits into our latest range of aluminium profiles.

Side Lit Lightboxes

The Ledge 105 double-sided LED lightbox uses ultra bright LED modules to create a stunning, evenly illuminated graphic display. Supplied flat pack for easy self-assembly, this lightbox offers low energy consumtion and reduced shipping costs.

Backlit Lightboxes

Utilising specifically designed aluminium profiles and highest quality components, our back lit lightboxes can be freestanding, wall mounted or ceiling hung and can use a multitude of fabrics. They can even be combined with existing system, making them perfect for exhibition displays and exhibition stands, retail displays, window displays, showrooms, reception and foyer areas, roadshow events and museum graphics.

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