Radford Accessories

Radford Supplies Ltd was established 40 years ago as a wholesaler of fashion jewellery. They are now one of the UK’s largest and most established importers and distributors of fashion accessories, including:

  • fashion jewellery,
  • hair accessories,
  • handbags,
  • purses and scarves.

They regularly exhibit at Spring and Autumn Fair, Harrogate Home and Gift and Giving and Living in Exeter.


Their original stand design was principally made up of slat walling, however they felt restricted by the use of this and the constant changes in their product range and layout requirements, so we designed a walling system using peg boarding and making giant pegboards in order for them to maximise product display. The stand has clean lines and their only other requirement was to maximise storage through the use of display plinths and creating a store room area in the middle to increase walling while providing space to store product.