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The T3 Modular System is the most innovative and simple system  to build compact and versatile modular display stands with. It is also UK manufactured. No tools are required, furthermore it has been designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of display environments. Present us with a challenge, we will provide the solution!





The beMatrix system combines the modular aspect with a custom-build look, anyway it guarantees an elegant result. It is easy to build, no special tools required, lightweight but strong. All this makes it perfect for the needs of event builders.


The beMatrix system has a Great ROI due to a fast build-up and endless reusability. Hence, you save on material and manpower. In addition to being light, strong and available in a wide range of different designs, its assembly is fast and easy, saving time, labour, transport and personnel, but anyway allowing a long life.

Therefore, the beMatrix system is the most sustainable system on the market: limited use of infills, endless reusable and modular frames, lightweight system, reduced chrome plating or coating…

It can be used for walls, ceilings and floors and its aluminum support, produced without acids to be recycled, makes it suitable for both panels and textile. The beMatrix system is made up of 2 main components. First of all, there is the frame, which we call the “body”. Consequently there’s the infill, which we call the “skin”. You can use the body in all sorts of configurations, combinations and dimensions, while you can work the skin with textile, PVC panels, Dibond, wood, acrylic glass, glass, false walls and much more. These display elements can be printed, have vinyl attached on them, be painted, have wall hangings, be spotlit, etc.




Designed to be creative, frame system can be use for stand building, events, displays, pop ups, conferences rooms etc… There are frames for textile and panels, ledskin ad lightboxes.


Aluminium profiles are available in different finisher: ECO, powder coated and anodised. There are profiles for textile and panels, structural and overs.


Quick mounting and a stable construction is guaranteed by using sustainable double clamp connectors, slot connectors, lightweight positioning pins, connectors for frame assembly on site, … There are D30(lightweight pins, steel pins, connectors), mixed connectors, flooring, base plates and connectors, shelves and brackets, slot connectors, D6 connectors, multifunctionals, end pieces, cables and accessories, tubes and ring.


Display, furniture and accessories to put that final touch on your design. You can find infills, hook and loop tape, lighting…

Examples include:
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