Perspectum Diagnostics (AASLD)

Perspectum Diagnostics is a spin-out company from the University of Oxford. World-leading clinicians, physicists, scientists and engineers founded the company in 2012. The company’s aim is delivering digital technologies for the better care of patients with liver disease. Their key product, LiverMultiScan, is a customisable software analysis tool that uses innovative multi-parametric MRI to quickly and accurately measure liver fat as well as correlates of iron, fibrosis and inflammation across the whole liver. Featured at EASL, RSNA and AASLD.

Concept: The company wanted to promote the clear imagery, that can be taken by their LiverMultiScan, to show both patients and their consultants to visibly see the condition of their liver, to enable them to enact on it (in a far less intrusive way than through biopsy). The design allowed multiple lightboxes to show these images in the most obvious graphical way. We used lightboxes for make the storeroom and the stand allowed comfortable seating for in depth conversation, as well as the more casual introductory table top seating arrangement. Wherever you are on the stand, the imagery was strong and clearly visible, with vibrant colours to attract attention.