Nordic Pharma

The Nordic Pharma is a privately-owned, fast-growing, fully-integrated, pan-European Pharmaceutical Group with a strong emphasis on quality products and services that cater to the special needs of each client and patient.

The EULAR 2018 Congress was an the opportunity for the company to increase the visibility of the iMETH and NORDiMET products, as well as to expand Nordic’s notoriety in Europe. Nordic is not yet known in Rheumatology in many countries in EU. EULAR Congress being the major congress of Rheumatology in Europe, it is a key event to raise the company’s profile internationally.  Hence, both product and corporate branding should be prominent.


This concept is ‘Brand Lead’, using the brand colours and identity to create a striking design.

In the back enclosed corner, was the storeroom, the front wall of which carries the campaign graphic. Either side of the entrance were light-boxes, one for each product. On the left wall were NORDiMET products and on the right wall were iMETH products. On each wall, in a prominent position, was the relevant Brand logo, back-lit and mounted proud of the surface. The focal point was the model of the NORDiMET injector.