Pantheon was formed in 2014, and has largely been built on acquisition.

It provides end to end managed equipment services and multivendor maintenance services across all diagnostic imaging and biomedical; equipment modalities, in addition providing Radio-diagnostic management service. The company has offices in 15 countries, contracts in over 600 hospitals / healthcare facilities in which it manages over half a million individual devices.

The stand is open on three sides and it is positioned towards the back of the hall.

It is a relatively young ‘Brand’, so it will be important for the sub-brands (acquired companies) to be clearly visible. The design concept needs to be open and inviting, with meeting facilities. Shown at ECR.


Concept: We proposed a central 4m long storeroom, with a lockable door. Protruding from the back wall were two ‘legs’ which land in the two open corners at the front of the stand. These are the most visible points on the stand from the central aisles where Pantheon logo is display, because it is the ‘Brands’ that the delegates in the aisles will recognise. Either side of the store are positions for large graphic displays, one of these used to explain what services the company actually offer. We proposed that they should be in light-boxes to emphasise their presence.